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& Magazine Supplements

Following are download links for all 3 supplements published by the & Publishing Group along with other short materials.

These publications are free for personal, non-commercial use, and may not be re-published in any form without explicit permission from the & Publishing Group. The copyright of all materials belongs to the creators, while the presentation/layout is copyright the & Publishing Group.

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A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 1

Introducing the & Publishing Group’s first supplement publication from the fertile mind of Andrew Hamilton.


A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 1 is a free resource for players of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role playing game and OSRIC, consisting of over 120 spells including some previously seen in & Magazine and Dragonsfoot's Workshop forum, as well as never before seen spells. This resource is designed to give players and DM's of AD&D and OSRIC games new spells and ideas to incorporate into their game or provide inspiration for new avenues of adventure. This resource includes spells for clerics, druids, magic-users, and illusionists.

Mundane Magica

This is the & Publishing Group's second supplement!


This 36 page supplement includes the following articles:

Revisiting Non-Violent Magic Items

Takes another look at the article Non-Violent Magic Items from The Dragon Issue 73.

Non-Violent Magic Items

Adds another 100 non-violent magic items to the collection.

When is a Weapon not a Weapon?

Offers some non-typical weapons and armor.

A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2

The & Publishing Group is pleased to announce the publication of Andrew Hamilton's second collection of Old School Gaming spells -- A Book of Miscellaneous Spells Volume 2! This book of spells is designed for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD& D) and OSRIC but is compatible with most Old School Dungeons & Dragons (D& D) games and their retro-clones.


This volume contains more than 110 brand new spells for the four AD&D spell casting classes. This includes more than 30 spells for clerics, druids, and illusionists -- plus 78 new magic-user spells of all levels. [Yeah, Andrew has a thing for magic-user spells!]

That's enough, right? Right?


This collection includes spells for the Witch NPC class (from Dragon Magazine issue #114), one of Andrew's favorite NPC baddies.

Plus it contains spells for clerics of the Cult of Juiblex. Never heard of this cult? It will be a nasty surprise for your players!

If that isn't enough, look for the spells for Frost Giant and Gnoll shaman! Bad guys need more power to combat those dratted forces of Good! This gives it to them ...

All told, this volume contains more than 150 new spells for use with all the D& D games of the 70's and 80's and their retro-clones.

Other Publications

Fighting Man's Guildhall

Fingolwyn's Fighting Man's Guildhall was published as the inside back cover map in Issue 4. He sent the key with the map, but it was mistakenly left out. This publication is an updated map with the correct key.


AD&D Die Roller

Bryan Fazekas created the first version of this Excel workbook in 2005, with the intention of automating the generation of lots of hit dice (HD).

This has evolved over the years into the present form, which generates:

This workbook is free for non-commercial use and (unlike & Publishing Group publications) may be freely distributed, as long as the copyright statement must remain intact.

Download AD&D Die Roller

Note: This workbook uses VBA macros. It does not work if macros are disabled.

Three Shops

Issue 9 of & Magazine featured the article Three Shops, which detailed three businesses ready to be dropped into any campaign -- and investigator of stolen items, a precious goods exchanger, and a tavern.


Unfortunately space limitations reduced the size of the accompanying 3-D graphics of the three businesses. In hindsight ... we wish we had found a way to fix that problem, as the tiny graphics in the magazine were too small to really be of use.

Since we cannot change the past, we have fixed the future, and are publishing this article again as a stand-alone document with full size graphics.

All materials copyright 2021 by the & Publishing Group and the individual creators.